Sunday, August 9, 2009

links about the 2nd annual salt lake city zombie walk
links to check out... thanks for the support Mike Benedict


Wednesday Warriors! - Comic Podcast said...

Also came across this -

and the recap here -

and this one from the desert news:,5143,705322424,00.html

Steve Fox said...

Anyone have pictures of my daughter and I throwing water baloons from our balcony at about 10th east? She wants to see some! Was gret fun. we tried to do a drive-by with water guns but the zombie were too much for her, so we took to our porch instead!

Zed said...

care to help me promo this event? would be grateful.

-zombie zed.

Natalie said...

Any idea when the next zombie walk in salt lake will be? I REALLY want to participate!!

I can be reached via email at