Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Success... The 1st Annual Salt Lake City Zombie Walk

So I wasn't sure how many people were going to show up... I'm not sure how many people showed up... This was the first zombie walk in SLC (except the attempts before as fund raisers)... Surprisingly enough it was a blow out... I think it was 300+ zombies plus an other 50 photographers and videographers taking the shots.... I just want to say thanks for all who showed, spectator or zombie... So now I am asking for all pics or video to be sent to so we can post some pics on Myspace and here... When you send me pics and vids please tell me who the photographer or videographer is and what your name is if it is not the same and any kind of contact info you want to give... if we treat this like a community then people will be able to keep in contact easier and get ready for next year... I think I'm going to make a Facebook as well so next year it'll be bigger.. I'm going to post the date for next years as soon as I figure it out.. I will also put up a poll to see when we should do the walk.. most people said it was too early... I would like to get some input on how you liked to walk... if you aren't a blogger you can still leave comments... So please send me some media... thanks again for a great walk... I'll be posting everything I get throughout the week... so keep looking and post links to us...